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Part Replication

3D printing has allowed the replication of old parts that no longer exist to be reproduced cheaply and often better than the original.

Often it is just one part that has failed and that you can't get your hands on to get that machine or appliance going again. Sometimes it's a random plastic clip from the interior of a 50-year-old car. 

If you have exhausted all avenues of getting the part, and cannot find it anywhere on the Internet then we're here to help. If you can provide us with either photos or the physical part, broken or unbroken, we will create a digital 3D CAD model of it from which we can 3D print, CNC or laser cut it.

The benefit of having the 3D CAD model is that you can then create as many copies the part as you would like.

Send us a query about your part today.

Automotive switch
Old bakelite machine parts
Cogs in nylon
Nylon copy