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Racing boat 3D digital render

3D CAD Modelling

CAD Modelling is the basis from which design drawings and advanced manufactured parts are made from. Much like a Word document is sent to a paper printer to print a report, a CAD model is sent to a 3D printer to print a design.

Technical drawings for patents and manufacture can be extracted from 3D CAD models. Also a CAD model created for a 3D printer can also be used for numerous advanced manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining and laser cutting to name a couple.

We provide a cadding service to help you realise your concepts and can advise on what type of modelling is suitable for your project.

Please contact us with your cadding requirements.

3D digital CAD model of a racing boat
3D digital render of a racing boat – 1
Digital 3D render of a racing boat – 2
2D CAD drawing of a switch
3D digital CAD drawing of a switch
3D render of a switch – 2
3D render of a switch – 1